as white as a ghost




A fine-grained, translucent form of gypsum, typically white, often carved into ornaments.

The stones used include red jasper, white oriental alabaster, yellow chalcedony, and green gabbro.


Made of alabaster.

the gilded alabaster tomb of Sir Anthony Browne

white,pallid,pasty,pasty-faced,wan,colourless,anaemic,bloodless,washed out,peaky,peakish,ashen,ashen-faced,ashy,chalky,chalk white,grey,whitish,white-faced,whey-faced,waxen,waxy,blanched,drained,pinched,green,ghastly,sickly,sallow,as white as a sheet,as white as a ghost,deathly pale,cadaverous,corpse-like,looking as if one had seen a ghost

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