3 proven ways to grow your vocabulary

1. Read for fun

First and foremost, developing a daily reading habit is essential for building your vocabulary – we’re fond of The New Yorker for their occasional sesquipedalianism.
Encountering new words in context is more helpful than vocabulary lists, as you’ll naturally absorb the meaning over time.

2. Make it visual

Images give a big boost in learning new vocabulary. Search for visual word-of-the-day calendars to deepen retention and understanding – or check out Wordshake’s Word of the Day.

3. Play Word Games

Word games help you grow your vocabulary while having fun. Scrabble and Boggle have been incentivizing word learning for decades. That’s why we added a “reveal” button on our Boggle games so you can discover new words! Tap it in the word bank box to pop up the definition.


  1. Oehlbeck Ava says:

    You made number 3 a 4😂😡💩

    1. Wordshake says:

      Ah, whoops! Thank you for the correction. 💯

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