Our 10 Most Popular Daily Puzzles of 2023

Get ready to stretch your word-association skills.

Of the 365 Daily Puzzles published last year, these are the 10 most popular, chosen by you! Have you played them all?

Drop a comment below to share your favorite. 🧩

1. Types of Cake

2. Free _____

3. Quite the Catch

4. Describe the Moon

5. Hungry

6. Good to have in a fire

7. Can be spicy

8. Elements

9. Cheerful Warmth

10. You Can Run Out Of


And of course don’t forget about Today’s Daily Puzzle


  1. bananacat123 :~ says:


  2. penguingod says:

    penguin guy

  3. ethan says:

    this is good but you need more riddles

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