Wordshake is brand new!
Here’s what we changed.

Global points bar – now everything is tied together. If you score points on any page of Wordshake they are saved up into your total score – and starting your climb in the leagues.

Your profile avatars are now clickable – and you can make them public or private as you wish. It’s all under the “Settings” button in your profile page.

We removed the Pause button entirely, and wiped the high scores database. This is to make the game more fair! And give everyone the same footing.

We added a Daily Puzzle! This updates every day, and earns you big points, based on the number of “hints” you need to solve the puzzle. A new puzzle comes out every day, so you can start building your streak.

We gave the site a new design, and made some HUGE improvements to the Quest game. The levels are still the same, and your progress/scores are still intact, but you may want to explore back through the Worlds to see the new experience!