transitive verb

To irritate, bother, or frustrate: synonym: annoy.

transitive verb

To cause perplexity in; baffle.

transitive verb

To cause difficulty or trouble to.

transitive verb

To cause pain or physical distress to; afflict.


A trouble; a vexation.

To make angry by little provocations; excite slight anger or displeasure in; trouble by petty or light annoyances; irritate; tease; fret; plague; annoy; harass.

To make sorrowful; grieve; afflict; distress.

To agitate; disturb; overturn or throw into commotion; hence, to dispute; contest; cause to be discussed: in this sense chiefly used in the past participle: as, a vexed (much discussed but unsettled) question.

Synonyms Annoy, Plague, etc. (see tease), provoke, gall, chafe. To disquiet.

To fret; be teased or irritated; feel annoyed, angry, or distressed.