To take into the stomach through the throat, as food or drink; receive through the organs of deglutition; take into the body through the mouth.

Hence, in figurative use, to draw or take in, in any way; absorb; appropriate; exhaust; consume; engulf: usually followed by up.

Specifically To take into the mind readily or credulously; receive or embrace, as opinions or belief, without examination or scruple; receive implicitly; drink in: sometimes with down.

To put up with; bear; take patiently: as, to swallow an affront.

To retract; recant.

= Syn. 1–3. Engross, Engulf, etc. See absorb.

To perform the act of swallowing: accomplish deglutition.


The cavity of the throat and gullet, or passage through which food and drink pass; the fauces, pharynx, and gullet or esophagus leading from the mouth to the stomach; especially, the organs of deglutition collectively.


A yawning gulf; an abyss; a whirlpool.


A deep hollow in the ground; a pit.