intransitive & transitive verb

To become or make shrunken and wrinkled, often by drying.

intransitive & transitive verb

To lose or cause to lose vitality or intensity.

intransitive & transitive verb

To become or make much less or smaller; dwindle.

To contract; draw or be drawn into wrinkles; shrink and form corrugations, as a leaf in the hot sun, or the skin with age.

Synonyms To shrivel is to become wrinkled or corrugated by contraction; to shrink is, as a rule, to contract while preserving the same general form.

To contract into wrinkles; cause to shrink into corrugations.

To make narrow; limit in scope.

To wither; blight; render impotent.

intransitive verb

To draw, or be drawn, into wrinkles; to shrink, and form corrugations; ; — often with up.

transitive verb

To cause to shrivel or contract; to cause to shrink onto corruptions.