To break into many small fragments or splinters; shatter; dash to pieces at a blow.

Synonyms Shatter, etc. See dash.

To burst, fly, or fall at once into many small pieces of parts.

To shake; shudder; tremble; quiver; specifically, to shake with cold.

Synonyms Shiver, Quake. Shudder, Quiver. We shiver with cold or a sensation like that of cold; we quake with fear; we shudder with horror. To quiver is to have a slight tremulous or fluttering motion: as, her lip quivered; to quiver in every nerve.

Nautical, to cause to flutter or shake in the wind, as a sail by trimming the yards or shifting the helm so that the wind strikes on the edge of the sail.


A tremulous, quivering motion; a shaking-or trembling-fit, especially from cold.


Same as shive, 1.


A broken bit; a splinter; a sliver; one of many small pieces or fragments such as are produced by a sudden and violent shock or blow. Also shive.


3. In mineralogy, a species of blue slate; schist; shale.