Nautical, to furnish with ratlines.

To give out a rapid succession of short, sharp, jarring or clattering sounds; clatter, as by continuous concussions.

To move or be carried along with a continuous rapid clatter; go or proceed or bear one’s self noisily: often used with reference to speed rather than to the accompanying noise.

To speak with noisy and rapid utterance; talk rapidly or in a chattering manner: as, to rattle on about trifles.

To cause to make a rattling sound or a rapid succession of hard, sharp, or jarring sounds.

To utter in sharp, rapid tones; deliver in a smart, rapid manner: as, to rattle off a string of names.

To act upon or affect by rattling sounds; startle or stir up by any noisy means.

To scold, chide, or rail at noisily; berate clamorously.

To shake up, unsettle, or disturb by censure, annoyance, or irritation; bring into an agitated or confused condition.


A rapid succession of short, sharp, clattering sounds, as of intermitting collision or concussion.