intransitive verb

To go forward or onward, especially after an interruption; continue.

intransitive verb

To begin to carry on an action or a process.

intransitive verb

To move on in an orderly manner.

intransitive verb

To come from a source; originate or issue: synonym: stem.

intransitive verb

To institute and pursue legal action.

noun plural

The amount of money derived from a commercial or fundraising venture; the yield.


The amount proceeding or accruing from some possession or transaction; especially, the sum derived from the sale of goods: now used only in the plural: as, the consignee was directed to sell the goods for-warded and invest the proceeds in coffee.

To move, pass, or go forward or onward; continue or renew motion or progress; advance; go on, literally or figuratively: as, to proceed on one’s journey; the vessel touched at Queenstown, and then proceeded on her voyage

To issue or come, as from an origin, source, or fountain; go forth: with from.

To carry on some series of actions; set one’s self at work and go on in a certain way and for some particular purpose; act according to some method.