Leave; permission; especially, written permission giving leave or granting authority to do something: as, a permit to view a house; a permit to visit a fort; a customs or excise permit.


A carangoid fish, Trachynotus rhodopus, closely related to the pompano, occurring in the West Indies, in Florida, and on the Western coast of Mexico.

To suffer or allow to be, come to pass, or take place, by tacit consent or by not prohibiting or hindering; allow without expressly authorizing.

To grant leave or liberty to by express consent; allow expressly; give leave, liberty, or license to: as, a license that permits a person to sell intoxicating liquors.

To give over; leave; give up or resign; refer.

Synonyms and Consent to, Sanction, etc. See allow.— 2. To license, empower.

To grant leave, license, or permission; afford opportunity; be favorable; allow: as, it will be done if circumstances permit.

intransitive verb

To grant permission; to allow.


Warrant; license; leave; permission; specifically, a written license or permission given to a person or persons having authority.

transitive verb

To consent to; to allow or suffer to be done; to tolerate; to put up with.