transitive verb

To keep down by severe and unjust use of force or authority.

transitive verb

To cause to feel worried or depressed.

transitive verb

To overwhelm or crush.

To press against or upon.

To press unduly upon or against; overburden; weigh down, literally or figuratively: as, oppressed with care or anxiety; oppressed with fear.

To overpower or overcome; overbear or overwhelm; suppress; subdue.

To make languid; affect with lassitude: as, oppressed with the heat of the weather.

To sit or lie heavy on: as, excess of food oppresses the stomach.

To load or burden with cruel, unjust, or unreasonable impositions or restraints; treat with injustice or undue severity; wield authority over in a burdensome, harsh, or tyrannical manner; keep down by an unjust exercise of power.

To ravish. Chaucer.