intransitive verb

To cause to experience shame, humiliation, or wounded pride.

intransitive verb

To discipline (one’s of the body and the appetites) by self-denial or self-inflicted privation, especially for religious reasons.

intransitive verb

To practice mortification of the body and its appetites.

intransitive verb

To undergo mortification; become gangrenous.

To destroy the life of; destroy the vitality of (a part of a living body); affect with gangrene.

To deaden; render insensible; make apathetic.

To reduce in strength or force; weaken.

To subdue, restrain, reduce, or bring into subjection by abstinence or rigorous severities; bring under subjection by ascetic discipline or regimen; subject or restrain in any way, for moral or religious reasons.

To humiliate; depress; affect with vexation or chagrin.

In chem. and metallurgy, to destroy or diminish the active powers or characteristic qualities of.