Of, involving, caused by, or affecting the moon.


Measured by the revolution of the moon.


Of or relating to silver.

In Arabic gram., a fanciful term applied to the class of consonants before which the l of the article al is not assimilated in pronunciation: so called because including q, the initial of qamar, moon. Opposed to solar.

Of, pertaining, or relating to the moon: as, the lunar changes; lunar observations.

Situated or moving like the moon; acting as a moon.

Measured by the revolutions of the moon: as, lunar months or years.

Resembling the moon; round: as, a lunar shield, specifically, in anatomy and zoology:

Supposed to be affected by or due to the influence of the moon: as, lunar madness.

In anatomy, of or pertaining to the lunare, or semilunar bone of the carpus.