A frown; scowl; frowning; sullenness.


Cloudiness; gloominess.

To frown; scowl; look sullen; watch in sullen silence.

To appear dark or gloomy; be clouded; threaten a storm.

To look bad; appear in bad condition.

To lurk; crouch; skulk.

To strike, as a clock, with a low prolonged sound; toll the curfew.


Hire; reward.

To cause to descend; let down; take or bring down: as, to lower the sail of a ship; to lower cargo into the hold.

To reduce or bring down, as in height, amount, value, estimation, condition, degree, etc.; make low or lower: as, to lower a wall (by removing a part of the top); to lower the water in a canal (by allowing some to run off); to lower the temperature of a room or the quality of goods; to lower the point of a spear or the muzzle of a gun; to lower prices or the rate of interest.