intransitive verb

To cause (someone) to feel impatient or angry; annoy: synonym: annoy.

intransitive verb

To make sore or inflamed.

intransitive verb

To cause a physiological response to a stimulus in (a cell, body tissue, or organism).

intransitive verb

To be a cause of impatience or anger.

Excited; exasperated; intensified.

To render null and void.

To excite to resentment or anger; annoy; vex; exasperate: as, to be irritated by an officious or a tedious person.

To excite to automatic action by external agency, as organic tissue; produce motion, contraction, or inflammation in by stimulation: as, to irritate the skin by chafing or the nerves by teasing.

To give greater force or energy to; excite.

Synonyms Provoke, Incense, etc. (see exasperate); fret, chafe, nettle, sting, annoy, gall, inflame, excite, anger, enrage.