Of, relating to, or characterized by intensity.


Tending to emphasize or intensify.


Possessing or requiring to a high degree. Often used in combination.


Relating to or being a method especially of land cultivation intended to increase the productivity of a fixed area by means of an increase in capital and labor.


Having the same value for any subdivision of a thermodynamic system.


A linguistic element, such as the adverb extremely or awfully, that provides force or emphasis.

In agriculture, concentrated (cultivation): designating high culture, or the principle of a small area well tilled, the purpose being to secure the most from every acre of land by means of the application of labor and fertilizers and the most thorough tillage. Compare extensive, 5.

In pathology, noting the treatment of disease by very large or frequently repeated doses, or by remedies of greatly increased strength or activity.

Pertaining or referable to intensity or degree; increasing in intensity or degree; making or becoming intense; intensifying.