Existing naturally or by heredity rather than being learned through experience.


Of or produced by the mind rather than learned through experience.


Possessed as an essential characteristic; inherent.

To bring or call into existence; inform.

In biology, characteristic of a species or common to the individuals of a species, or alike in parent and in offspring; hereditary; constitutional; congenital.

Inborn; natural; pertaining to the inherited constitution of body or mind; not derived or acquired from any external source; especially, native to the mind; instinctive: as, an innate tendency to virtue or vice; innate ideas.

In botany: Borne on the apex of the supporting part: as, an innate anther, which is one that directly continues and corresponds to the apex of the filament.

Born within; originating within the matrix, or within the substance of the plant.

transitive verb

To cause to exit; to call into being.