Of, relating to, or located in the interior part of a country or region.


Operating or applying within the borders of a country or region; domestic.


In, toward, or into the interior of a country or region.


The interior of a country or region.


The interior part of a country.


In feudal law, land reserved by the lord of the manor to be cultivated by his serfs or used for the manor, as distinguished from the lands occupied or enjoyed by the tenants. See outland.

Of or pertaining to the interior, as distinguished from the coast; away or retired from the sea or the main ocean: as, an inland town or lake.

Carried on within a country; domestic; not foreign: as, inland trade.

Confined to a country; drawn and payable in the same country: as, an inland bill of exchange (distinguished from a foreign bill, which is drawn in one country on a person living in another).

Somewhat refined or polished; civilized: opposed to upland, the old expression for ‘rustic.’