Penetrating, clear, and sharp, as in operation or expression.

Having the quality of cutting into or dividing the substance of anything; cutting, or used for cutting: as, the incisive teeth.

Figuratively, sharply and clearly expressive; penetrating; trenchant; sharp; acute.

Having the power of breaking up or dissolving viscid or coagulated humors.

In anatomy and zoology: Having the character, function, or situation of an incisor tooth; incisorial.

Pertaining in any way to an incisor; situated near incisors; containing incisors: synonymous with premaxillary or intermaxillary and prepalatine.


In entomology, the incisive edge of the mandible of a beetle. See incisive edge, above.


Having the quality of incising, cutting, or penetrating, as with a sharp instrument; cutting


Of or pertaining to the incisors; incisor.


Clearly and succinctly stated, with penetrating insight into the issue at hand.