To set on fire; cause to burn; inflame; kindle.

To make hot or eager; enkindle; incite; stimulate.

In particular To burn as incense; use in burning incense.

To enkindle or excite to anger or other passion; inflame; make angry; provoke.

Synonyms Irritate, Provoke, etc. (see exasperate), offend, anger, chafe, nettle, gall.

To perfume with incense.

To offer incense to; worship; flatter extravagantly.

To burn or offer incense.


Any aromatic material, as certain gums, which exhales perfume during combustion; a mixture of fragrant gums, spices, etc., with gum-resin, compounded for the purpose of producing a sweet odor when burned.


The perfume or scented fumes arising from an odoriferous substance, as frankincense, during combustion; the odor of spices and gums burned as an act of worship in some religious systems.