Within the hull or toward the center of a vessel.


Relatively close to the fuselage of an aircraft.


A motor attached to the inside of the hull of a boat.

Within the hull or interior of a ship or boat; also, in the middle part of the hold of a ship: as, stow the freight well inboard.

Within the rail or bulwarks; toward or nearer to the center: as, to draw the sail inboard.

In the interior of a ship or boat; being within the hull or hold: as, inboard cargo: opposed to outboard.

Not projecting over the rail or bulwarks: as, an inboard spar or sail.

In mech., toward the inside; toward the main center or center-line: as, an inboard stroke of the piston; an inboard bearing.

Inside the line of a vessel’s bulwarks or hull; the opposite of outboard

From without inward; toward the inside.