transitive verb

To induct into office by a formal ceremony.

transitive verb

To cause to begin, especially officially or formally: synonym: begin.

transitive verb

To open or begin use of formally with a ceremony; dedicate.

Inaugurated; invested with office; inducted; installed.

To introduce or induct into office with suitable ceremonies; invest formally with an office.

To make a formal beginning of; put in action or operation; initiate, especially something of dignity or importance: as, to inaugurate a reform.

[The word is often inelegantly applied in this sense, especially in newspapers, to trivial or ignoble subjects.

To institute or initiate the use of, especially by some formal opening ceremony: as, to inaugurate a railroad, a public building, or a statue.


Invested with office; inaugurated.

transitive verb

To introduce or induct into an office with suitable ceremonies or solemnities; to invest with power or authority in a formal manner; to install