A mark or indentation made by pressure; the figure or image of anything imparted by pressure, or as if by pressure; stamp; impression; hence, any distinguishing form or character.


Semblance; appearance.



To press upon or against; stamp in; mark by pressure; make an impression upon.

Hence To affect forcibly, as the mind or some one of its faculties; produce a mental effect upon: as, to impress the memory or imagination; the matter impressed him favorably.

To produce or fix by pressure, or as if by pressure; make an impression of; imprint, literally or figuratively: as, to impress figures on coins or plate; to impress an image on the memory.

Hence To stamp deeply on the mind; fix by inculcation.

To be stamped or impressed; fix itself.


See imprese.

In electricity, to apply electromotive force to (a circuit) from some outside source or to create difference of potential in (a conductor).