Impossible to do or carry out.


Unfit for passage.


Unmanageable; intractable.

Incapable of accomplishment; not to be practised, performed, carried out, or effected by the means at command.

Incapable of being used; unfit for the purpose intended or desired; unserviceable; unavailable; of persons, unmanageable; untractable.

Synonyms Impossible, Impracticable. See impossible. 1 and 2. Impracticable, Unpractical. The meanings of the two words approach each other at two points, but still are clearly distinct: Of a thing: impracticable, not possible to be done without expense or sacrifice greater than is advisable; unpractical, not dictated by or in harmony with the lessons of experience in actual work: as, an unpractical plan.

Of a person: impracticable, not easily managed; unpractical, not showing that sort of wisdom which is the result of experience in affairs.


One who is unmanageable, unreasonable, or stubborn.


Not practicable; incapable of being performed, or accomplished by the means employed, or at command; impossible.


Not to be overcome, persuaded, or controlled by any reasonable method; unmanageable; intractable; not capable of being easily dealt with; — used in a general sense, as applied to a person or thing that is difficult to control or get along with.