refuse to take notice of or acknowledge; disregard intentionally.

he ignored her outraged question

disregard,take no notice of,pay no attention to,pay no heed to,pass over,shut one’s eyes to,be oblivious to,turn a blind eye to,turn a deaf ear to,brush aside,shrug off,push aside,never mind,look the other way,snub,slight,spurn,shun,disdain,look right through,look past,turn one’s back on,give someone the cold shoulder,cold-shoulder,freeze out,steer clear of,send to Coventry,give someone the brush-off,cut,cut dead,knock back,give someone the go-by,blank,set aside,take no account of,veto,break,contravene,fail to comply with,fail to observe,disobey,breach,defy,flout,fly in the face of,omit,leave out,bypass,overlook,neglect,exclude,skip