make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering one’s services or resources.

they helped her with domestic chores

assist,aid,help out,lend a hand to,lend a helping hand to,give assistance to,come to the aid of,succour,aid and abet,be of service to,be of use to,be useful to,do someone a favour,do someone a service,do someone a good turn,bail/bale someone out,come to someone’s rescue,give someone a leg up,cooperate with,do one’s bit for,rally round,pitch in,chip in,save someone’s bacon,save someone’s skin,muck in with,get stuck in with


the action of helping someone to do something.

I asked for help from my neighbours

assistance,aid,a helping hand,support,succour,advice,guidance,solution,benefit,use,advantage,service,comfort,avail,cooperation,collaboration,backing,encouragement,a shot in the arm


used as an appeal for urgent assistance.

Help! I’m drowning!