a very unusual and unexpected event or situation.

the teacher says the accident was a total freak

unusual,anomalous,atypical,untypical,unrepresentative,abnormal,aberrant,irregular,fluky,exceptional,unparalleled,unaccountable,bizarre,queer,peculiar,odd,freakish,unpredictable,unforeseeable,unexpected,unanticipated,surprise,surprising,rare,singular,isolated,backasswards,fluke,anomaly,aberration,rogue,rarity,quirk,oddity,outlier,edge case,unusual occurrence,peculiar turn of events,twist of fate,chance,coincidence,hazard,accident,mistake


behave or cause to behave in a wild and irrational way, typically because of the effects of extreme emotion or drugs.

he freaked out and smashed the place up

go crazy,go mad,go out of one’s mind,go to pieces,crack,snap,lose control,lose one’s self-control,lose control of the situation,act wildly,panic,get worked up,get hysterical,lose it,crack up,lose one’s cool,go bananas,blow one’s top,fly off the handle,go crackers,throw a wobbly,blow one’s stack