(of a person, animal, or plant) stop living.

he died of tuberculosis

pass away,pass on,lose one’s life,depart this life,expire,breathe one’s last,draw one’s last breath,meet one’s end,meet one’s death,lay down one’s life,be no more,perish,be lost,go the way of the flesh,go the way of all flesh,go to glory,go to one’s last resting place,go to meet one’s maker,cross the great divide,cross the Styx,give up the ghost,kick the bucket,bite the dust,croak,flatline,conk out,buy it,turn up one’s toes,cash in one’s chips,go belly up,shuffle off this mortal coil,go the way of the dinosaurs,push up the daisies,be six feet under,snuff it,peg out,pop one’s clogs,hop the twig/stick,bite the big one,buy the farm,check out,hand in one’s dinner pail,go bung,exit,decease

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