utter or deliver words in a rhetorical or impassioned way, as if to an audience.

she declaimed her views

make a speech,give an address,give a talk,give a lecture,make an oration,deliver a sermon,give a sermon,speak,hold forth,orate,pronounce,preach,lecture,sermonize,moralize,sound off,mouth off,spiel,spout,speechify,preachify,jaw,perorate,recite,say aloud,read aloud,read out loud,read out,quote,deliver,render,bespout,speak out,protest strongly,make a protest,make a stand,rail,inveigh,fulminate,rage,thunder,rant about,expostulate about,make a fuss about,express disapproval of,condemn,criticize,castigate,attack,decry,disparage,mouth off about,kick up a stink about,go on about,vociferate

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