a body of people presided over by a judge, judges, or magistrate, and acting as a tribunal in civil and criminal cases.

she will take the matter to court

court of law,law court,bench,bar,court of justice,judicature,tribunal,forum,chancery,assizes,courtroom,palais de justice


be involved with (someone) romantically, with the intention of marrying.

he was courting a girl from the neighbouring farm

woo,go out with,be involved with,be romantically linked with,pursue,run after,chase,seek the company of,make advances to,make up to,flirt with,see,go steady with,date,chat up,make (sheep’s) eyes at,give the come-on to,be all over,track with,track square with,set one’s cap at,pay addresses to,romance,pay suit to,pay court to,seek the hand of,make love to,spark,go out together,go out,go with each other,keep company,go steady

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