That which is the most excellent, outstanding, or desirable.

buy the best you can afford

finest,top,cream,choice,choicest,prime,elite,crème de la crème,flower,jewel in the crown,nonpareil


Of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality.

the best pitcher in the league

finest,greatest,top,foremost,leading,pre-eminent,premier,prime,first,chief,principal,supreme,of the highest quality,superlative,unrivalled,second to none,without equal,nonpareil,unsurpassed,unsurpassable,peerless,matchless,unparalleled,unbeaten,unbeatable,unexcelled,optimum,optimal,ultimate,surpassing,incomparable,ideal,perfect


To the highest degree; most.

you knew him best

most,to the greatest degree,to the highest degree

transitive verb

Outwit or get the better of (someone)

defeat,beat,get the better of,gain the advantage over,get the upper hand over,outdo,outwit,outsmart,worst,be more than a match for,prevail over,conquer,vanquish,trounce,triumph over