5 way to grow your vocabulary fast

“Hey Siri! What does the word bamboozled mean?”

1. read, read, and read

Someone of our favorite wordiest go-tos are the New Yorker, which is full of fancy words, and the stacks of classic novels at Barnes and Noble. You’ll start to absorb the meaning through context alone, and it will strengthen your understanding of the word.

2. You already have a pocket dictionary in your phone – Ask Siri or google!

*graphic with text that says “hey siri, what does Jilt mean?”
Even if you’re pronouncing it wrong, she will probably be able to still find it.
When you uncover a new word, grab your phone and look up it’s meaning to hear it said back to you. You can also carry around a small pocket dictionary and thesaurus combination too if you don’t have a smart phone. We recommend this one!

3. Word of the Day calendars and games

A daily ritual is a sure-fire way to grow your word garden, and goes great with a morning cup of coffee. We are particularly partial to this one!

4. Rooting out words

Learning the Etymology of words is one of the most fascinating ways to learn them. Many words share the same Latin and Greek elements (prefixes, roots, and suffixes) that stem from interesting places! Did you know that Dumbells came from tying old bells that couldn’t make a sound onto rope? Dumb used to mean silent.
Here’s a great reasource!

5. Crosswords and word games

Scrabble and Boggle are a few of our favorites – that’s why we made Wordshake! Nothing gets a new word sticking in your brain than a competitor claiming a fancy new move or find that you didn’t know. You’ll remember it better to use against them in the next round .